Theologians to meet in Greece in search of Christian unity

|PIC1|Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I will open the meeting to be attended by 120 members of the commission in Kolympari, Crete from October 7 to 14.

The meeting will not only address issues that have traditionally divided Christian denominations, but also matters that have become divisive in more recent times, such as questions of moral discernment.

This new approach will be rooted in a reflection on how churches relate to their sources of theological authority. Case studies will be used to illustrate how churches use these references to make moral decisions.

WCC President Dr Mary Tanner will encourage participants to engage in what she believes could be the beginning of a new phase in Faith and Order’s history.

The main theme of the meeting, “Called to be the One Church”, will be addressed by prominent Church leaders and theologians from Europe, South Africa, Latin America and East Asia.

Contributors to a discussion on the nature and mission of the church include the Rev Dr Paul Collins from the Church of England.

The World Council of Churches is an international Christian ecumenical organisation representing about 560 million Christians in more than 120 countries.