Thebandwithnoname delivers outstanding 'best of' collection

Thebandwithnoname is calling time on their fantastic 10-year run, sadly another great band to depart from the British Christian music scene after Delirious? said their farewell last year and yfriday announced their last show for later in the year and a ‘best of’ to be released soon.

But before we grab for the hankies, thebandwithnoname are offering fans a sweet parting gift in the shape of ‘The4Points’, a collection of their top 20 songs from the last decade as well as a few new tracks thrown into the mix.

And it’s great to be able to see they are leaving us on a high note. There’s everything in this collection from dance, drum n bass, hip hop, to good old rock.

Some of the songs are so good they deserve to get a hearing on mainstream radio and it’s probably one of the best ‘best of’ albums I have heard in a long time.

The tracks are well polished and the fact that the styles vary so greatly from track to track shows just how talented these guys are. It is rare to find music that is this good while maintaining strong Christian content.

It is sad to say goodbye to this lot but we can only hope this ‘best of’ inspires a new generation to achieve even greater things for British Christian music.

5 Out of 5