'The Sims 4' tips and tricks: How to fulfill New Year's resolution, Sims style


Majority of New Year's resolutions take time, sweat and blood to achieve, but not in "The Sims 4," which offers easy fixes on various life goals such as getting rich or fit. In the hit simulation game, a dramatic change in lifestyle can be done in a snap and EA has detailed how to take advantage of that with some cheats, tricks and tips.

To go from rags to riches, people need hard work, talent and a bit of luck. It's a different story for Sims as players only need to know how to key in "motherlode" in the right place to become as well heeled as they ever imagined.

EA says that losing weight in real life is basically "cutting back on the better things in life." In "The Sims 4," simply purchase a treadmill, use it a few times per week (and even snack on pizza and ice cream) and say hello to a new, more gorgeous Sims.

Starting a family is a pretty monumental step. It entails tons of preparations on basically all aspects of one's life. In the game, however, it's a matter of whether or not a player clicks the Try for Baby button or not.

Having a baby in "The Sims 4" is definitely as easy as reorganizing a home. By clicking buttons and options, throwing out the old furniture and bringing in new stuff is a breeze unlike in real life, where it will take hours just to get a new sofa inside the house.

On the other hand, some vow they will get promoted at work this year. Achieving this in real life is definitely tedious. But in the world of Sims, it will only take levelling up the Charisma and being friendly to other Sims to get to that dream job.

Individuals whose New Year's resolution is to read more will face tons of distractions in real life. In "The Sims 4," however, not only are the Sims laser focus on devouring a book, they will also learn so much and it will reflect on their stats.