'The Sims 4' expansions packs: Sims can be doctors and business heads in new 'Get to Work' pack

Doctor Sim is in.The Sims Official Website

Electronic Arts wants Sims to pursue their dream jobs, put up a business, or be employed just because they have to. This is why the second expansion pack of "The Sims 4" is on its way. The all-new "Get to Work" expansion pack gives gamers' virtual counterparts three more career options, skills, as well as a chance to take on a business venture. 

Players can follow their (or at least their parents') life-long dream to become a doctor. If attending to ailments, performing surgical procedures and, as a first, delivering babies, all sound delightful, there would not be any problem for a Sim to become a dignified doctor.

For those whose Sims like the thrill brought by crime-fighting, players can help their Sims become a mighty police detective to solve crimes, grill troublemaking Sims and send them behind bars. They can start as a cadet and work their way up to becoming a police chief.

Sims can also be scientists in "The Sims 4." This career will help Sims build new inventions including one called the Sim Ray, whose name already implies mayhem. This vocation will also compel Sims to rethink and find which side they really belong — the good or the evil. These Sims have the liberty to choose whether their creations will bring gain or bring pain. 

Moreover, "Get to Work" will help Sims put together a retail business. They can make tasty pastries with a bakery or channel their inner fashionista with a clothing boutique. Sims can show their love for the arts by creating an art gallery while book buff Sims can opt to cater to their fellow bookworms with a book store. Players can hire employees and build their stores in Build mode. 

Lastly, the adventure-seeking Sims who envision themselves as alien hunters will see the fruition of their dreams in "The Sims 4." Sims with the knack for the extraterrestrial has to figure out which Sims are aliens in disguise. 

All that will be possible when "Get to Work" lands on Windows and Mac computers in April. The expansion pack, which costs $39.99, is up for pre-order now.