'The Sims 4' DLC news: 'Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack' to be released on Dec. 6

A screenshot from the upcoming "The Sims 4" DLC, "Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack"Electronic Arts/Maxis

Electronic Arts and Maxis have announced the new "Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack," for "The Sims 4" set to be released on Tuesday, Dec. 6.

This downloadable content (DLC) caters to the old souls and fans of the yesteryears and gives them the chance to design their homes to reflect the "golden age of old Hollywood."

One of the items that will do the job is the vanity table, which is coming with the "Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack." Sims can touch up using the table without the need to go into Create A Sim.

Children can use the vanity table, too, in "Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack," but players should prepare for a messy aftermath from the kids' session.

There will also be new "metallic reflective" wallpapers to surround the house that classic feel in addition to furnishings and decorations to go with the look.

The "Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack" for "The Sims 4" also brings in the new 16th Century Monte Vista Globe Bar, a timeless and elegant inn where they can relax and grab a drink.

The best part about the new "The Sims 4" DLC will have to be the addition of a butler. Players can hire one "to do the things they don't want to" including cleaning, repairing stuff, gardening and cooking.

"If your Sim spots them relaxing when they're on duty, the Butler even gets embarrassed. Don't be too mean to them though, they can also sabotage objects," EA and Maxis warn.

A trailer for the "Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack" has been released to see all of these in action. From the looks of it, players might also get new garb to match the yesterday feel of their homes and new hangouts.

More details about this exciting new "The Sims 4" DLC will be revealed in the days to come. After all, it will already be out next week.

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