The Resurrection Project

A campaign has been launched to fund a new movie telling the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The motion picture is slated for release Easter 2015 and the intention is to pick up where Mel Gibson left off with his Passion of the Christ, which dramatically recreated Christ's trial and crucifixion.

With that in mind, The Resurrection will focus on the burial and resurrection of Jesus, and the 40 days He walked the earth before ascending.

The project aims to reach out to millions of people across the globe with the hopes of acquiring the largest audience in film history. To do this, producer David Wood wants to release the film not only in cinemas but across digital platforms.

Says Wood: "The real power of Christianity is in the risen Jesus. Even though most people know that Christ went to the cross as a sacrifice for our sins, it's really the power in His resurrection that is the core of who we truly are as Christians. The filmmakers who made the Passion of the Christ did an excellent job telling about Jesus' death and sacrifice. Now, this second film completes the picture, the full story of faith, hope and love. This is the complete, positive story with eternal significance."

The project is not simply about making a film but reaching out to churches and bringing people of faith together.
Wood explains: "Our crowdfunding initiative provides The Resurrection with unique access to the consumer throughout production...The real benefit of our crowdfunding strategy is that we are drawing the global body of believers to one site where they can do more than just support the film financially, they can also pray, talk, network, give feedback, and get involved in The Resurrection movement."

Prayer is one of the core components in the making of the film, with many volunteers being enlisted to pray and support the cause.

He says: "Imagine hundreds of millions of churches and believers worldwide sharing the same message of truth, love and hope on the same day.

"We are anticipating a visceral experience created by The Resurrection that will leave a lasting impression, challenging non-believers to seek the Truth in their lives and motivating believers to walk stronger in their faith, further spreading the Truth throughout the nations."