The questions Christians hope no one will ask

If Christians want to explain what they believe, they can't just quote the Bible, says Mark Mittelberg.

Author Mark Mittelberg has a new book out that offers answers to questions Christians hope no one will ask. Through it, he’s hoping believers will quit cowering and become confident in their faith.

“The biggest reason Christians don’t want to address certain questions is that they aren’t ready,” he said. “[But] people are addressing these issues whether we want to talk about them or not.”

The bestselling author and popular speaker shares helpful tips on how to address controversial issues and common questions such as “Why trust the Bible?” and “Why do you condemn homosexuals?” in his new book The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask (With Answers).

Mittelberg grew up in a Bible-believing church. He recalls singing: “The B.I.B.L.E. yes that’s the book for me, I stand alone on the word of God, the B.I.B.L.E.” But he says standing alone on the word of God is no longer enough to address the hard questions non-believers ask daily.

“I’ve been standing alone on the word of God all my life,” he told The Christian Post. “I give biblical references and show biblical answers when I think they’re appropriate, but here’s one of the problems: Sometimes in the church we think we can answer every challenge with a Bible verse. And the problem is when someone says, ‘but why should I believe the Bible?’ we as Christians need to give more reasons for trusting the Bible than just quoting the Bible itself.”

While his previous book, Choosing Your Faith, was written for non-believers, his latest book primarily targets Christians who struggle with answering difficult questions about their faith.

“I’ve seen that questions can lead to life or death in the spiritual world,” he pointed out. “When someone has a spiritual doubt, it can become an intellectual roadblock that keeps them from moving forward on their spiritual journey.”

Mittelberg speaks of his belief in the Bible and how Christians should help others believe.

“The Bible is for me the merit authoritative word of God and I think it should be for everyone because that’s what it is. But when you’re talking to someone who has not accepted that, then I think we have to say ‘how do we bring them to that conclusion, and/or how do we give them other reasons to help answer the issues?’”

In the book, he offers both biblical and secular references in his answers.

One of the most common and most difficult questions for Christians to answer, he says, is mentioned in the first chapter of his new book: “What makes you so sure God exists at all – especially when you can’t see, hear, or touch him?”

He quotes 1 Peter 3:15, “Always be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks you for a reason regarding the hope that is in you, yet answer with gentleness and reverence.”

“Giving a good answer can open up a pathway for those considering Christianity and hopefully lead to them becoming a Christian,” he stressed.

He hopes the book can serve as a source of strength for Christians so they are ready to tackle the issues the world is already discussing.

After each chapter in the book, Mittelberg offers a full answer along with a one page bullet point summary of the answer. Designed to be a book for discussion, it also features questions after the chapters and topics of discussion.

He said: “I think reading a book like this one will do a lot for us as Christians in making us bold in our faith and helping us to know the and tell the truth."

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