The Monster Within

It has been 30 years since Brian Greenaway gave his life to Christ – not as a saintly do-gooder but as a hardened, angry Hell’s Angel serving time in Dartmoor Prison.

In his new book, “The Monster Within”, Brian tells the heartbreaking story of his loveless childhood and how his life spiralled into gang violence, drug addiction, and a string of prison sentences before he was saved by God.

“Between each prison sentence,” he recalls, “the violence continued to escalate and so did the paranoia: a knock at the door would always mean either a rival gang with weapons or the police; a car slowing down on the street could be one of either about to grab me.

"The anger of my past seethed around me like a whirlpool of filth. I had mentally closed up, not letting anyone – even those close to me – get inside my head.

"I always fought back, armed with weapons and keeping a stash behind the front door for ‘visitors’, but in reality, I didn’t really care what happened to me.”

Despite the anger and the hurt he had inflicted on other people, God never let go of him. Instead, he moved in Brian's life - speaking to him even when he was high on drugs – and brought him to a place of faith right in the middle of his prison cell.

Responding to the call, Brian was passionate about sharing his new found faith with anyone who would listen and once he got out from prison, he enrolled in Bible college and started up his own prison ministry – The Twenty Five Trust.

When he published his first book about his experiences – “Hell’s Angel” - the impact was huge. The book went international and Christians everywhere wanted to hear him speak. More importantly than that, the book was going into prisons where it was being read by inmates and helping them to put their faith in God too.

Now “The Monster Within” is another moving testimony of the way in which God took all of his experiences as a broken human being and used them for his purposes to reach out to other prisoners living the life he had once lived.

And it’s also a testimony of how God has changed him personally as much as he has changed others through him.

“Now God is the one in control and He does not let me get into situations that I would have previously fired up in and caused destruction,” Brian writes.

“The monster inside is well subdued. If God ever took that lid off, my life would be over. I would end up dead or in prison for a long time.

“I do believe that God is always watching over me and protecting me. But it’s more than that. He’s protecting me from myself.”

Even after decades of faithfully doing God’s work, Brian is as humble as ever. It’s not anything he’s done – he’s just a sinner. But it’s everything God is doing through him.

He shares: “When I think about God loving me, it moves me to tears because I’m such a horrible person really. If anyone stands up at my funeral and says that I was a good man and a lovely guy, I’ve told my wife to hit them!” he says in the book. “I’m not a good man. I’m a bad man that God uses.”

“The Monster Within” by Brian Greenaway is out from CWR priced £8.99. The accompanying “The Monster Within” DVD is also available priced £10.99.