The Modern Post climb the charts

The Modern Post has released a new EP, Grace Alone.

It's another milestone for the band's label - Mars Hill Music which was established by Mark Driscoll's church just last year.

Grace Alone soared up not one but two Billboard charts, claiming the No 10 spot on the Top Heatseekers Albums chart and No 17 on the Top Christian Albums chart.

And that was all with no formal promotion or distribution - the bands are independently uploaded and sold on Bandcamp and the iTunes store.

Jonathan Dunn, network music manager at Mars Hill, shares why he thinks their music is selling so well.

“I think there is a market for gospel- and Jesus-centred music done in a modern sound that is largely untapped,” he said.

Frontman Dustin Kensrue spoke of the importance of underpinning the music with good theology.

“There’s a lot of worship music that just focuses on being ‘uplifing’ —but that ignores whole parts of the Bible, especially the laments in books like Psalms," he says.

"Our goal with this EP, which is based out of Ephesians, is to reflect all of the gospel. The gospel is always uplifing, but there are human experiences and truths that are not, and so the bad news is important to have context for the good news.”

In addition to Kensrue on guitar and vocals, band members include brothers Lee and Phil Neujahr on drums and bass respectively, and Jonny Sandu on synths.

It's a busy season for Mars Hill Label with five more projects slated for 2013. Their other band from the U-District church, Citizens, released the Already/Not Yet EP earlier this year and are currently working it into a full-length recording.