'The Mentalist' season 7: New character Michelle Vega to clash with Patrick Jane

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"The Mentalist" season 7 will add a new female character named Michelle Vega that was reported to clash with the series' protagonist Patrick Jane.

The two will clash because of the two's different methods in solving the crime. According to TV Guide, Michelle Vega solves crimes through a professional manner that is different from Patrick Jane's unorthodox methods.

The report added that Michelle Vega is a character that goes fairly by-the-book. She is the type that will do everything just to impress her superiors. However, it is still unknown how Patrick Jane will support her.

"A new woman is about to enter Patrick Jane's (professional) life. The CBS drama is casting the series regular role of Michelle Vega, a rookie FBI agent who is a student of combat and weaponry and is unfazed by high-pressure situations (such as when the show awaited that 11th-hour renewal)," Aussielo wrote.

Meanwhile, show creator Bruno Heller suggested that the final season of "The Mentalist" will be action-packed and will be full of thrilling chases. "Up until now if you're comparing it to Moby Dick, which is one of the analogies I used to describe the length of the chase, next season the whale has been sighted and they're in the small boats and chasing the whale," Heller told Entertainment Weekly report.

Reports said that Heller could be referring to the long chase that Patrick Jane is after. However, the show creator also said that the final season will follow the usual format of new mysteries every week.

However, CBS confirmed that the seventh season of "The Mentalist" will have lesser episodes. Reports claimed that the series will have 13 episodes for its final season. Moreover, the series may lose its timeslot on Sunday's primetime due to its poor ratings in the past.

"The Mentalist" season 7 will be back on air in the fall.