The ingredients of a happy relationship

Being affectionate, making decisions together and being honest are just some of the things that make a successful partnership.

That's according to over 1,100 American adults surveyed by social network Zoosk, who described themselves as being in a happy, committed relationship.

They were asked to share what they thought contributed to a happy relationship. Here are the results:

Share responsibilities

78% of happy couples share decision making evenly.
67% of happy couples manage finances together, instead of assigning it to one person.
66% of happy couples share household chores such as cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Be affectionate

69% of happy couples kiss and show affection many times per day.

Tell the truth

70% agreed that it is not ok to tell "little white lies" to their partner to keep the peace.

Stay in shape

74% of blissful lovers say it is important that their partner maintains a good physical appearance
18% of respondents say that their partner's physical appearance is a main attraction

Avoid political discussions

37% in happy relationships never talk about politics and 47% do so only occasionally

My God is your God

71% in happy relationships share the same religious beliefs and traditions


72% of happy couples have real conversations about life, work, and family on a regular basis