The Heist

Norwich-based youth worship group The Chorus have produced a short video explaining the story of Easter.

'The Heist' has been designed to explain the meaning of the season in a youth-friendly way and is free to download or view on YouTube.

The Chorus want to spread the story of Easter to as many people as possible through their video and are hoping it will be used in churches and youth groups over the weekend.

The video opens with a figure dressed in black who we are told by the narrator is the man "who pulled off the biggest heist".

But it's not money or possessions he came to steal. Rather he came to destroy the sins of the world.

"This man did not come to steal money or possessions, he came to steal the sins of the world and destroy them and in return he gave his life".

The Chorus are a group of young Christians who are passionate about worship and are looking to create "true biblically solid and congregational worship".

Watch The Heist here:

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