The Generous Heart

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We are living at a time in history when the nations of the world are gripped by debt and poverty. The world is in crisis!

‘The Generous Heart’, by Mike Davies, is very timely in its release. The author is an accountant by qualification and has worked for two of the largest accountancy firms in the world and in that time witnessed the success and failure of many household names. He is now in full-time ministry having been ordained in 2002.

Mike’s interest in researching detail for this book came from observing many of the Jewish business concerns that he had represented in a professional capacity.

“What has amazed me is that although those of the Jewish faith have been hounded and oppressed to totally deplorable extremes, they have endured all over the globe and preserved a higher-than-average level of influence in the field of economics, law, and the sciences,” he says.

‘The Generous Heart’ looks inside the ethos of the Jewish culture to find a robust, inherited factor that has released a kingdom economic that has truly directed a monetary miracle to countless number of the Jewish faith. Mike looks to replicate this teaching to be more of a way of life than a model to operate household or business finance.

The Bible instructs that God gives the ability to produce wealth. If this is the case then we can assume that God gives a pattern for how it is to be produced and then spent.

The Generous Heart explores the economics of God's kingdom and considers a biblical pattern of how to provide a current and a generational financial blessing.

The Jews follow the same principles laid down in the times of Abraham and even a look at the early Christian church yields some useful teaching in this respect, particularly the provision of first-fruit as an act of giving.

Along with observing integrity and righteousness in a man God looks for a generous heart. It is for every person to consider their own attitude towards finance and to see how generous they are within God’s eyes, rather than seeking the approval of fellow man. The Bible gives an account of a poor widow who gave generously (Mark 12:41-44).

Jesus sat opposite the treasury and noted who gave and how much they gave. Jesus did not comment on the large sums, as may be mentioned by many in the world today, but he commented on the poor widow who gave generously. This must have embarrassed those around him as God’s people are supposed to support and care for widows and the poor!

Mike says, “We have a generous God and we are made in His image. There appears to be something unlocked in the supernatural when we give generously.”

In a world underpinned by money and finance for everything from taking care of the family to supporting the community, Mike seeks to demonstrate why Christians should be applying these same principles to make sure they are on top of their finances, rather than living with their finances on top of them.

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Chris Cole - Founder and Co-Chair of Cross Rhythms Radio:
Mike is a man who walks the talk in terms of his spiritual life and everything he has communicated within this excellent book is borne out of foundational wisdom and knowledge not only from God’s word, but also from Mike’s personal experience as a professional accountant. Mike’s insight into God and the Judeo-Christian faith will empower every reader to cultivate the necessary generosity of spirit to honour Christ Jesus and his kingdom and come into the abundance of life Christ talks about whilst still being involved in the battle.

Rev Michael Meyers - The River Church (Elim), Exeter, UK:In this book the very nature of God is captured and then expanded on to reveal how we can flow with God according to our new nature. God is a God of hearts, and Mike addresses the very core of dealing with the material blessing of God in our lives, which is our hearts. Money is a great revealer of the condition of our hearts. As Mike says, “The way you conduct your money matters is a sign of your correct disposition, which in turn echoes upon your tangible spirituality.” Personally I am blown away by Mike for having the courage to write this book since there are three things you do not speak about in Britain: sex, politics, and money. The famous motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said, “Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale.” That’s why you should devour this book!

Michael Puffett - Jubilee Church, Maidstone:
The key principles in Mike’s book give us a clear strategy and understanding to “walk right” in this important part of our lives. The ushering in of “kingdom order” in the area of finance is one of the vital steps to maturity and one that many have missed out on. As you read this book, allow the Holy Spirit to quicken a desire for Godly order in every area of your being so that you may reflect his heart, and in doing so impact those around you.