The Duggar family share a video of their December 2014 mission trip to El Salvador

The family at the airport ahead of their 2014 Christmas mission trip to El Salvador(Photo: Facebook/Duggar Family Official)

The 19 Kids and Counting household have posted a video showing snippets of their Christmas mission trip to El Salvador last year.

Jill Duggar shared on her Instagram page that the video, posted on the Duggar Studios YouTube channel, was made by her brothers "to inspire others to fulfill 'The Great Commission' Jesus gave us in the bible."

Aside from clips showing the faces of different people and places in El Salvador, as well as truck rides and moments of communal prayer, the short film features the biblical text "Go unto all the world and preach the gospel, teaching them everything I commanded you."

The verse is from Matthew 28:19–20, which reads "[Go] and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."

The Duggars go on a mission trip to Central America every year before Christmas, during which they usually buy toys, food, and other necessities to give to the children of needy communities and their parents "instead of spending a lot of money on each other for Christmas presents."

According to mum Michelle, the mission trip is "probably one of the best things" she and husband Jim Bob have done for their children as it "teaches them about giving" and has made them aware and thankful of the blessings they have, like a home and a warm place to sleep.

"Our children get an understanding that the way we live here is not the way most people in the world live," Michelle wrote. "We are definitely blessed in America. We've got so much to be grateful for."

In a 2012 blog post, Michelle explained her family's reason for coming up with the tradition of going on an annual mission trip.

"In our home, the focus of the [Christmas] season is not on getting, but on what we can give to the less fortunate," she wrote.

"We go on mission trips to El Salvador. We go to soup kitchens in our area. We reach out to the poor and the needy to help those who have so little. I think the definition of the word 'love' pretty well sums it up."

The Duggars will be back on television screens this February as their hit reality show returns for a new season.