The Big Read 2012

Christians across the country will be taking a fresh look at Mark's Gospel for the 2012 Big Read this Lent.

Organisers, the Big Bible Project, are hoping to build on the success of the last two years. Since its launch in the north-east England in 2010, the Big Read has gone national and digital, with more than 24,000 people engaging on the Project website during Lent last year.

Social media played a big part last year, with people taking to their social networks to chat about the study book, written by Professor Tom Wright, former Bishop of Durham, and 5,000 accessing the resource via YouVersion's smartphone app.

Bishop Wright has once again written the study material for the Big Read, this year titled 'Lent for Everyone: Mark'.

Organisers are hoping that people will meet locally in small groups to study the Bible whilst engaging globally in 'Bigger Bible conversations' via social media.

Big Bible Project Manager Dr Bex Lewis said: “Many people give up a range of foods for Lent, but The Big Bible Project encourages you to ‘feast’ upon the Bible.

"Free house group materials are structured around menus and include ideas for (conversation) starters and a main course, where you get into the ‘meat’ of the Bible.”

Prof Wright will launch the Big Read 2012 with a webinar on 21 February during which people will be able to ask their questions about theology or his book.

Collaborating on the project this year are: John Pantry, Brian Draper, Bridgitte Tetteh, Krish Kandiah, Katei Kirby, Sheridan Voysey and Eunice Obianagha.

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