The Bible series reaching new generation through TV

The Bible series has been a hit on the History Channel this month, with the first episode bringing in over 13.1 million viewers – the largest television audience for 2013 so far.

Mark Burnett the Producer of Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice, and the Voice joined forces for the show with his wife, actress Roma Downey, known for her role in the television series Touched by an Angel.

In the show, Roma touched hearts with her portrayal of the kind and warm-hearted angel Monica, and this time round she hopes The Bible series is making a similar impression.

"My faith is incredibly important to me. The Bible is such a moving and inspiring book that deserved to be presented in a powerful way on television. My hope as a producer and as a storyteller was to strive for excellence throughout this project and to bring these remarkable stories alive in a way that people haven't seen before," she told Church Leader Gazette.

The Bible series hopes to reach younger generations with the stories and characters of God's great story, especially those who are not familiar with the Bible.

Mark said: "We're at the point of our careers now where we've been so blessed with abundant success in television, that we get a chance to do things that we really want to do and we love the Bible.

"We love it in terms of faith. But it also happens to be the most important book in the history of the world, the fabric of society. The set of laws. Tells us who we are. How to live. And what a great opportunity.

"So we decided you know to stick our necks out a little bit and make The Bible. And we were able to get it made. And it's so exciting."