The benefits of holidaying with the in-laws - a free babysitter and lighter on the purse

(Photo: Dora Pete)

The common stereotype of the fussy, overbearing mother-in-law has been the stuff of comedy down the generations but a new survey suggests most people are happy to have them tag along with them on holiday.

The survey by found that over half of people would happily go on holiday with their mother-in-law.

Only 16 per cent said they would stay at home if they knew the mother-in-law was going to be joining their holiday and 18 per cent said such an arrangement would cause tension in the relationship.

But for 45 per cent, they are happy to travel with extended family at least once a year and even see the benefits of doing so.

Three quarters said they enjoyed holidaying with their extended family because it gave them the chance to spend quality time together.

A fifth admitted they saved money holidaying this way and 13 per cent said it helped with childcare as it means a free babysitter.

Gregory Sion, Regional Director for, said, "Whilst many of us don't automatically think of going away with our mother-in-law, it is becoming an increasingly popular holiday choice for many families.

"We believe these results highlight that many families are learning to be more flexible and strategic about when and where they travel, how much they can spend on accommodation and who they go away with to get the most out of their well-earned break."