The Bachelorette 2013 RESULTS: WINNER is Chris Siegfried, Desiree Hartsock engaged!


The results of "The Bachelorette" finale aired with Chris Siegfried proposing to Desiree Hartsock.

Holding the ring before meeting Hartsock, he told the host: "This is not just a promise, it's a commitment that I will be able to care for her, provide her for, and be there for her. It symbolizes a union that can't be broken."

Taking a deep breath, Siegfried got out of the car to propose to Desiree.

"I'm pretty nervouse. This is the most important question I'll ask in my entire life. I'm 100 percent committed to do this and I'm going to do the best I can to let her know that."

Siegfried told Hartsock that he loved her, saying, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Hartsock was tearful the whole time, and just before he got down on his knee to propose, she said, "I do want to explain to you where my heart has been this entire journey and where it is today. I said goodbye to Drew earlier this week.. so you're the only one here." She tearfully said, "The past couple of weeks have been incredible." She said she loved Brooks and felt like she was blindsided by her feelings for Brooks that she couldn't see the one thing that she always needed that was right in front of her. "You never lost sight of me and for that I'm grateful," she told Siegfried. "I love you so much."

The pair kissed was clearly emotional and Siegfried got down on his knee to propose. "Will you marry me?"

"Yes," said Desiree Hartsock.


Fans will finally find out if "The Bachelorette" Desiree Hartsock will end up happily engaged or alone after last week's finale episode.

Will Brooks Forester return and propose to Desiree Hartsock? Or will the winner of the show be Drew Kenney or Chris Siegfried?

In the latest sneak peak video for tonight's finale show, Desiree Hartshock is seen telling Drew Kenney and Chris Siegfriend about the rejection and departure of fellow contestant Brooks Forester.

She tearfully tells them: "He [Brooks] actually chose to go home on his own yesterday… and it was a surprise and it turned my world upside down 'cause we are at this point…. It goes to show that love is unpredictable and it is a two-way street."

According to spoilers from Reality Steve, who is known for accurately pinpointing the winners of the reality show, Hartsock will end up choosing Forester. But after last week's shocking episode in which he dumped her, fans are not so sure what will happen.

Whatever happens in tonight's finale show, The Bachelorette star tweeted last week that she has happy tears. "Hearts may break but spirits stay high.. Stay tuned next Monday for the finale! #happytears #thebachelorette."

Hartsock's reference of 'happy tears' may mean that she is happily engaged.

Chris Harrison hinted to Extra: "There's a million possibilities now. Between all three guys. The way that it ended last night. Last week is as good, or maybe even more riveting than last night."