The Archbishop of Canterbury on the Spirit of Pentecost

The Archbishop of Canterbury has shared his thoughts on the gift of the Holy Spirit in a special video for the Feast of Pentecost.

Pentecost falls 50 days after Easter Sunday and 10 days after Ascension Day and celebrates the apostles receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, an event traditionally taken to mark the birth of the church.

The Most Reverend Justin Welby speaks of the Holy Spirit giving believers a "love for the world around us, and the capacity to both speak and act in a way that is revolutionary".

It "draws Christians from very different background and tradition together, in a body that loves one another", he says.

Also appearing in the video is Joel Edwards, international director of Micah Challenge, the Venerable Jan McFarlane, Archdeacon of Norwich, and Hayley Bisosfky, of Holy Trinity Brompton.

Edwards speaks about the event of Pentecost creating a Christian community in which "everybody counts and everybody has a purpose, and there is nobody marginalised, nobody excluded".

He reminds Christians of the power of the Holy Spirit as something that "thrusts us out into the world to deal with differences, to embrace diversity in common purpose".

McFarlane says: "I see the Holy Spirit at work today when I see men, and women, and children growing in confidence in their faith and reaching the point where their faith means so much to them that they just simply live it out," she says, adding that most of the social action in Norwich "happens through the churches".

Archbishop Welby concludes the film with a call for "a renewal of prayer and love for one another in the Church, because then people will see who Jesus is just in our lives".

"For me, the message is constantly coming back and saying, 'Fill me with your Holy Spirit,' asking God that we might receive the Holy Spirit individually and in the whole Church," he says.

"Then we might see the work of the Spirit in the world around us, and cooperate with that work."

Watch the film here: