The Amazing Spider-Man 2 release: Jamie Foxx assures Christians it's great for the whole family

There is some violence in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but not enough that parents should be put off seeing it with their children, according to one of the film's stars. 

Jamie Foxx, speaking to The Christian Post, said Sony and the film's producers had worked hard to eliminate excessive violence.

Foxx plays the part of villain Electro in the latest instalment of the superhero franchise, opening in cinemas in the US this weekend.  The film is already out in UK cinemas.  

"What's great about [Amazing Spider-Man 2] is that Sony specifically took certain parts out of the movie so that it would be family friendly, they dialed down some of the violence," Foxx told CP.

"The whole family could go [see it and feel] safe and comfortable."

If anything, Foxx feels that the role of the villain is a great jumping off point for parents to talk to their children about why Spider-Man is necessary.  

"Spider-Man is still in high school, he's doing the right thing, he's about hope and he's friendly," he said. "Those are the ingredients that I think anyone can get on board with."

He also insisted that his Bible-believing 5-year-old daughter appreciates the film.  

"If my daughter [can] I think any kid [can]," he said.  

Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield meanwhile likened the relationship of Peter Parker with his friend, Harry Osborne, to that of Cain and Abel.  

"I think there's a very deep bond that is rooted in this wound they both share, of having been perceived to be abandoned in different ways by their parents, but predominantly that lack of a father," Garfield told reporters.

"[They're] brothers. And with that there's jealousy, envy and competition. They're like Cain and Abel. We all know about Cain and Abel."

"In the damaged psyche of Harry there's a misunderstanding that happens between him and Peter where he can't see the wood for the trees because he's so lost in his own longing, needs and fear of his own demise, that all of his aggression and anger turns on the one closest to him, the one that actually really loves him, which is an old story that we all know and have struggled with in our own lives."

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