'The Affair' season 3 spoilers: Helen admits involvement in Scotty's murder

Helen tells the truth in "The Affair" season 3.Facebook/Showtime

Helen (Maura Tierney) has always been considered the wronged woman in the Showtime series "The Affair," but amidst all the hurt she went through, no one can deny that she really loves Noah (Dominic West). With her husband facing jail time for Scotty's (Colin Donnell) murder, it is possibly that Helen may decide to speak up and save Noah from his unfortunate fate.

During the midseason finale, Noah admitted to driving the car that hit Scotty. According to him, he and Helen were on their way home when a totally drunk Scotty came out of nowhere and stumbled in the dimly lit road. The truth was, he and Helen changed seats right before they took that highway. Noah was not feeling well after learning that his fiancée Alison (Ruth Wilson) has been lying to him the whole time about the baby.

According to Crossmap, Noah decided to take the blame in payment for all the hurt he gave Helen during his affair with Alison. He thought it was his only chance to prove to her how sorry he was that he broke her heart and sacrificed their family. The upcoming season is expected to continue the said storyline, specifically Helen's reaction to Noah's admission in court. With her personality, it is likely that Helen will not keep her silence and admit the truth.

In an interview with Variety, Tierney talked about her character and how she would be dealing with Noah taking the blame for her mistake. According to her, Helen has always tried hard to show a strong façade, even if she is feeling weak inside.

"I think of her as a woman struggling to handle a very difficult situation. I think she doesn't know how to gracefully handle all of this bad stuff... I want her to achieve that because I think that shows a lot of integrity if you can handle tough times with a certain amount of equanimity," the Golden Globe winner said.

"The Affair" season 3 is expected to premiere this fall on Showtime.