'The Young and the Restless' spoilers: Phylis wakes from coma, Ian and Mariah disappear, Michael's bizarre behavior

There will be a lot of things happening this week in Genoa City. Here's what's going down on "The Young and the Restless" from August 25 to 29:

Katherine's Remembrance Ceremony

Genoa City is getting ready for Katherine Chancellor's remembrance ceremony. On Tuesday, Murphy, Katherine's husband will arrive in Genoa City and will join the ceremony. Shortly after, Katherine's good friend Nina will join too.

Nikki Newman is also going to the ceremony, but on the way there, she decides to drink a shot of vodka and arrives at the ceremony a bit drunk. Furthermore, Neil was about to attend the ceremony, but Devon and Hilary convinces him not to go. They think it's too early for Neil to be seen in public.

Mariah and Ian disappear

On Monday, Sharon and Nick will make an attempt to search for Mariah, Sharon's daughter. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Sharon may be too late already.

Mariah goes to Ian Ward and tells him that she is leaving Genoa City. Ian tries to convince her to stay because of her mother Sharon and their romantic connection. However, when the FBI arrives at Ian's home, the two cannot be found. It looks like Ian took off with Mariah after all.

Michael Baldwin's behavior

Jill has been busy planning the remembrance ceremony for Katherine and welcoming Murphy in Genoa city. But besides her busy schedule, she notices that Michael is exhibiting some bizarre behavior. So, she accuses him of cheating on Lauren.

Other spoilers

This week, Avery will get a call from ex-husband Joe Clark. On Friday, Phyllis Newman will wake up from coma.

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