'The Young and the Restless' spoilers: Victor's motives discovered by Sharon

 "The Young and the Restless" is going to have a week full of drama ahead. It is loaded with revelations left and right. If you can't wait to know what's going down this week, here are the spoilers for August 4 to 8 in "Y&R" from Soap Central.
Mariah, Sharon and Nick
Mariah is in hot pursuit of Nick and is really determined to get to know Nick and get him too. Mariah talks to Faith to know more about Nick. Mariah pushes through with her plan to seduce Nick, cooking for him and wearing something too revealing. However, Sharon will discover what Mariah has been doing and Nick will discover that Mariah is talking to her mother, who is alive after all.
Victoria, Stitch and Billy
Billy and Stitch fight, with Stitch talking about Delia's death, which brings Billy to tears. Victoria wants answers and asks Stitch, but he won't answer. Billy and Victoria meet and Billy tells her that he will not stop fighting for their family.
Devon, Hilary and Lily
Lily tries to get Hilary into finding a new woman for Neil. But Hilary has something else on her mind - and that is Devon. Devon wants to meet up with Hilary to discuss something in private. Later, their situation becomes more complicated and Devon pressures Hilary to decide their relationship's fate.
Victor and Sharon
Victor attempts to get information about Sharon from her doctor. Sharon finds out about this and discovers the real motive behind Victor's actions. She talks to Victor personally and also accuses her doctor of betraying her.
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