The story of #SBC14 in ten tweets

The annual Southern Baptist Convention met this week in Baltimore to discuss the direction of the movement throughout the US as well as to make decisions on some important resolutions.

A lot happened during the two-day conference, so we've rounded up some of the highlights:

Megachurch pastor Ronnie Floyd was elected as the new SBC President on Tuesday, receiving just over 51 per cent of votes. Leader of Cross Church, Springdale for the past 27 years, Floyd was nominated by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President R Albert Mohler Jr, who has praised him as a "unifier and a denominational statesman".

However, despite the new election, an emphasis was placed on the work of laypeople, and their efforts in sharing the Gospel.

But the focus was always on the strength of God, and his ability to work through our darkest moments:

Amidst criticism that much of the Southern Baptist leadership is white and male, the conference emphasised the importance of diversity:

Yet the Convention voted to oppose the moral validation of transgender people, approving a proposal that affirms "God's original design to create two distinct and complementary sexes".

And his last one might be a joke, but we wish it were true: