'The Sims 4' Pets DLC rumors suggest addition of pets and possible launch in November

YouTube/The SimsCharacter creation on "The Sims 4"

Sometimes in games, developers tease the players by leaving out little hints, whether as announcements on social media, or in the game. In the case of "The Sims 4," it would seem like the game's developer Maxis has been leaving out clues suggesting the addition of furry friends.

Some eagle-eyed players were able to figure this out. A member of "The Sims" forum, Izzeh96, found some subtle changes while they were building. The change was the orientation of the toilet paper. Maxis has supposedly brought in three new swatches of the toilet paper in the game's catalog as well.

One of the three swatches of the toilet paper is called the under roll and another is the over roll. Many members of the Sims Community claimed that they have not seen that before while building, despite toilet paper being a given in the game when it launched, leading to the speculation that a Pets Expansion Pack will be coming to the game very soon.

According to the same post in the Sims Community, this hint has been backed up by instances of players who own pets and know how they can make a mess with rolling the toilet paper and thus place the roll under instead of over to avoid such incidents. Now that Maxis brought in the change of the way players can place their toilet paper, it is looking more and more likely that the Pets Expansion Pack downloadable content is coming.

Despite these hints, fans will just have to wait and see if Maxis will launch the addition of furry friends into the Sims world. There has not been any confirmed release date as of now, according to a listing of a Slovakian online retailer regarding the launch of the Pets DLC, the release of the new feature will likely happen on November.