'The Originals' final season features Candice King in at least two episodes

Fans of the television series "The Originals" are in for a treat as the fan favorite "The Vampire Diaries" character Caroline Forbes, who was portrayed by Candice King, is making an appearance on the spin-off show when it returns for its fifth and final season.

Julie Plec, who created the show and also serves as one of its executive producers, confirmed on Twitter that King will be appearing in the fifth season of "The Originals."

Furthermore, the producer said that the character will be appearing in at least two episodes. When asked how many episodes King will be appearing in, Plec answered with a simple but meaningful "two so far." This means that Forbes may be featured in even more episodes if things turn out well.

One of the biggest reasons for bringing Forbes into the spin-off show was the idea of a romance between her and protagonist Niklaus "Klaus" Mikaelson, played by Joseph Morgan.

This is an idea that fans have long embraced, because of the chemistry between the two characters. It looks like this idea, dubbed "Klaroline," has a high chance of happening as the show will be ending in the next season and it will be looking to wrap up its storylines. It might very well give the fans the "Klaroline" ending that they are clamoring for.

The arrival of Forbes has been hinted during the end of Season 4, where Klaus' daughter was sent to a supernatural school owned by Forbes. This was a clever step, as it paved a way for the two characters to interact with each other again.

Unfortunately, the fifth season of "The Originals" has not been scheduled yet and is not part of this fall's television lineup. Fans of the show will not be seeing their beloved vampires until the winter or spring.