'The Fosters' season 5 spoilers: The Aaron–Callie–AJ love triangle and more

Facebook/TheFostersTV"The Fosters" is gearing up for second half of season 5

After its shocking summer finale last September, fans are clamoring to know the details of the second half of the hit Freeform series "The Fosters" season 5. It was definitely a prom to remember, for the audience as much as the characters of the series.

Those living under a rock and have not seen it yet would be glad to know that Emma Kurtzman (Amanda Leighton) and Jesus Foster (Noah Centineo) got back together, while Mariana Foster (Cierra Ramirez) shared a dance with her ex Mat Tan (Jordan Rodrigues). Those are all the good stuff really. It went downhill from there.

Aaron Baker (Elliot Fletcher) is worried about AJ Hensdale (Tom Williamson) getting back his girlfriend Callie Jacob (Maia Mitchell), who refused to be anyone's property. This ensues into a fight, with Callie running off only to find ICE agents have arrived to take Ximena Sinfuego (Lisseth Chavez) away. She eventually did get back with AJ, although only to smuggle Ximena out of the school. They ended up hiding in a church with their fates still unknown.

That's just half of it. Maybe it's time to watch the summer finale, but what fans are most curious about now is, what will happen next?

In an interview with TVLine,"The Fosters" executive producer Joanna Johnson gave her take on the series' latest developments, including how the show would react on the shaky future of the DACA program.

On the Aaron–Callie–AJ love story, Johnson clarified that Callie is "serious about Aaron," but she is not closing the doors to the Calli–AJ love story just yet.

Talking about the DACA program, she said, "We'll definitely tweak our DACA story as events evolve. How much we'll have to adapt depends on whether Trump is heartless enough to end the program that has allowed 800,000 young people who were brought to this country as children to work and study without fear of being targeted by immigration for deportation."

As for the second half of the season, Freeform has yet to announce the official dates. Cartermatt predicts, however, that it will return early next year, either January or February, as it has usually done so in previous seasons. That's nine more episodes to watch out for in 2018. It is not clear yet whether these will be the final episodes of the series that has dared to push the limits of showcasing American life as it really is.