'The Evil Within 2' release date, trailer news: Bethesda gives a sneak peek of larger maps

BethesdaPromotional poster for "Evil Within 2"

Developer Tango Gameworks and publisher Bethesda Softworks are gearing up for the big release of the survival horror game "The Evil Within 2" in October. Ahead of the launch, a new trailer that previews the game's mind-bending and bizarre design has been released.

The trailer titled "Race Against Time," released on Bethesda's YouTube page last Sept. 12, gives another look at the dark and twisted world that main character Sebastian Castellanos will explore once again to save his daughter Lily.

Sebastian will enter the STEM world before it gets destroyed. Facing the game's new villain — a photographer named Stefano Valentini — will be just one of many objectives he will be completing.

Three years after the events in the first title, "The Evil Within 2" will feature a different pace. According to Gamespot, the game will be focusing more on "survival and exploration than its predecessor." A more flexible upgrade system will also give players a more diverse difficulty of freedom in customizing Sebastian and his array of weapons and protection.

Game developers Shinji Mikami, Trent Haaga and John Johanas shared a few thoughts on the sequel through a Gamespot interview. They explained that the sequel will have larger maps and more resource gathering systems and side objectives, which are all evident in the new trailer released.

"We really wanted to separate ourselves from how the first game was presented, which felt like non-stop pressure and tension. We really wanted to alleviate that with more downtime and exploration," Johanas said.

"Basically, the design of our game this time is like a 'theme-park ghost mansion' or a haunted house," Mikami explained. "We're always focused on keeping up the momentum overall. However, if you give only horrific scenes one after the other, the player may pee out of fear."

Mikami said that adding more tools and gear to find balanced the mix, keeping the game intact.

Other trailers for "The Evil Within 2," such as The Gruesome, Giggling Guardian and The Twisted, Deadly Photographer, are uploaded on Bethesda's YouTube channel.

"The Evil Within 2" will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows PC on Oct. 13.