'The Elder Scrolls 6' release date news: rumors suggest Bethesda is secretly working on the game

Fans are still hoping for the sixth installment of the "Elder Scrolls" game to be released sometime soon, despite the fact that there are not many reports about it. However, it is still possible for the game to be released. Luckily, it might be sooner than what most people think. 

According to Game N Guide, Bethesda — the company behind "The Elder Scrolls" games — has already teased the possible title for the sixth game, which means that it is possible that the new game is currently under development. The new setting might not be as popular as Argonia, the previously rumored setting for the new game, but one thing is for sure: the game will not be a sequel to "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim."

However, despite confirming "The Elder Scrolls VI," Bethesda has yet to offer any other updates about the game. After all, Peter Hines previously said that the title is not yet in development but will be made in the future, eventually.

That was earlier this year, so could it be possible that the company's stand has changed from its unpromising statement.

In fact, it has been more than two months ever since that statement has been made, so it could be possible that their mind has changed ever since then. As such, some rumors are saying that the game is secretly being developed and will be updated once November starts.

Meanwhile, the Science World Report says that the upcoming game will be set in Valenwood. The reason behind the rumor is that back in 2014, Bethesda reportedly had a memo which made references to the setting. It had some keywords such as the "Elder Scroll VI" and "Project Greenheart."

As fans can remember, Greenheart is a city that exists in the realm of Valenwood, which gives credence to the rumor.