'The Affair' season 3 premiere spoilers: Will Cole return to Alison and leave Luisa heartbroken

Alison and Cole reunite in "The Affair" season 3.Facebook/TheAffairShowtime

Will season 3 of the hit Showtime series "The Affair" see old couples being reunited? From how it looks like, Helen (Maura Tierney) and Noah (Dominic West) will not be the only ones to reconcile after being separated by his affair. Alison (Ruth Wilson) may also end up getting back with Cole (Joshua Jackson).

Even though he got hurt time and time again, Cole's love for his ex-wife in season 2 was apparent. For many viewers, this verged on stupidity, considering she was having an affair with Noah while still married to him. In the upcoming season, Cole will finally learn that the Alison's child could be his. This may be a huge turning point for the character, especially as he is already married to a different woman.

Cole and Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno) had a wedding in the season 2 finale. It was a relief for those who were rooting for him, finding his happiness a second time around. His relationship with Alison had been tumultuous, but never in his dreams had he thought that he could be Joanie's father. Their first baby died in season 1 and it was a traumatic experience for both of them. Once Cole discovers that the baby could be his, he may just let bygones be bygones and accept Alison once again, regardless of Luisa's reaction.

If this happens, Alison will be destroying another family again. She did that with Maura and Noah. Getting Cole back from Luisa will not be difficult for her. After all, Cole was originally hers and she only needs to use her trump card to get him back. Cole obviously still have feelings for her, even if it will be revealed that Alison had something to do with his brother's Scotty's (Colin Donnell) death.

In an interview with Collider back in October, Jackson talked about how his character processed the fact that his wife was having an affair. According to him, Cole's love for Alison was so great, he was prepared to forgive her even if it hurt so much.

"Even after he finds out, his reaction really is, "Okay, did you get that off your chest? Is that something you needed to do? Fine. We'll be okay, and we'll move forward." That's a really noble and beautiful testament to the love that he feels," the actor shared.

"The Affair" season 3 is expected to premiere this fall on Showtime.