Desiring God blog: The abortion industry will 'self-destruct'

A pro-life campaigner makes a statement.(AP Photo/ Juan Antonio Labreche)

Blogger and author Jonathan Parnell has declared that the abortion industry will "self-destruct", accusing pro-choice activists of being "a psychotic threat to humanity".

In a strongly worded blog post for published today, Parnell argues that there are only two camps within the abortion debate - "those who think it's okay to kill unborn babies, and those who think it is wrong".

"If you don't think you're in one of these categories, you still are; you're just confused," he contends.

Parnell goes on to insist that the abortion industry will likely eventually fall as a result of its own failings – or "unmasked mishaps" – rather than the work of pro-life lobbyists.

"What will it take for abortion activists to convince the general public that their position is a psychotic threat to humanity?" he asks.

"What if, counter-conventional as it might seem, the greatest felt gains for unborn humans will come by the abortion industry's self-destruction?"

Parnell believes that as the reality behind abortion clinics comes to light, the public will retract their support. He cites the existence of "abortion quotas" as one such reality, as highlighted by a recent report undertaken regarding a particular clinic in Colorado.

"The Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains reportedly awarded the clinic for exceeding their abortion quota. That is to say, in addition to other reports of such quotas, there was a certain number of abortions that the clinic was prescribed to perform and when they surpassed that number they were honoured, all of which backfires against the language of abortions as safe, legal, and rare," he writes.

"This isn't new information, but it's getting out there. The $1.21 billion reported revenue from Planned Parenthood in 2013 is the poisoned fruit of these money-making death chambers.

"These clinics are trying to reach a number in your neighbourhood. They want to kill unborn babies on your street and across the block and down the road. And when they kill them, they get awards."

Parnell criticises US President Barack Obama for praising Planned Parenthood's "good work" and offering the service over $540million in taxpayer funding.

He also condemns a board member of pro-choice group NARAL for suggesting that "women across the country should have sex inside Hobby Lobby stores as a protest" following the controversial contraceptive case that recently faced the Supreme Court.

"Maybe NARAL just advocates for women's rights, but not women's respect. It's not clear. No, actually, it's embarrassing," Parnell insists. "Sooner or later, the conviction-less masses are going to start scratching their heads. Something isn't adding up."

It will result in a turning of the tide against pro-abortion campaigns, he finishes – "Light bulbs are coming on".

"The question is about when we will feel the cumulative effect. How long will it take for the abortion industry to self-destruct?...How many leaked truths and unmasked mishaps must occur before the confused populace is jostled into seeing the real agenda of abortion?

"Because after all, when it comes to this topic, there are really just two types of people."

World-renowned ex-neurosurgeon Dr Ben Carson, a devout Christian, recently denounced abortion, comparing it to "human sacrifice".

"It's interesting that we sit around and call other ancient civilizations 'heathen' because of human sacrifice. But aren't we actually guilty of the same thing?" he asked in an interview on DoveTV.

Dr Carson has previously explained his pro-life stance as interlinked with his role as a doctor. "As someone who has spent a lifetime trying to save the lives of children, even with intrauterine surgery, it is probably not difficult to imagine why I am extremely oriented toward efforts to preserve human life," he wrote on his website.

"Especially innocent human life that has yet to experience the extra-uterine world."