Texas church responds to same-sex proposal with a standing ovation

Harper admitted that Mr Covin doesn't really like attention, so he was a little overwhelmed at the public nature of the proposal.

A man who proposed to his boyfriend in front of their church received a standing ovation, as captured by a YouTube video that is now going viral.

Trevor Harper and Davis Covin have been attending the First United Methodist Church of Austin for two years and have been dating since 2006. After sharing their testimony with the congregation, Mr Harper got down on one knee and asked Covin to marry him. The church family responded immediately with a standing ovation.

Mr Harper said the support they have received has been a huge blessing to their relationship, especially as a gay couple in Texas.

"That church has been, for us, really the first time we have really been able to live out loud as a couple," he told BuzzFeed News.

Mr Harper began planning the proposal a few months ago with the help of his pastor. They thought it would be an especially good idea to get engaged in their church because they are not allowed to be married there.

The United Methodist Church (UMC) currently prohibits same-sex ceremonies from being conducted in Methodist churches or by Methodist ministers.

However, the couple is planning to marry in 2016 and is hoping that by then, the UMC will have changed their position so they will be allowed to marry in their church.

"We would love to walk down that aisle," Mr Harper said.

A YouTube video of the proposal now has well over 100,000 views. Mr Harper hopes that their story will help other people realise that there are churches welcoming of all people, regardless of their sexuality.

"Your lifestyle, your sexuality, your choices, who you love – they don't define your right to search out the faith that makes you feel whole," he said.