Tennessee pastor gives away over 10,000 'Christmas is all about Jesus' signs; relying on faith to make up the cost

One of the yard signs distributed by Pastor Jimmy Terry.(Photo: WKRN-TV/Facebook)

Pastor Jimmy Terry has given away over 11,000 "Christmas is all about Jesus" yard signs in his campaign to put Christ back in Christmas.

The Clarksville pastor paid $30,000 for 10,000 signs in November, but gave them all away after his story made national news.

"That 10,000 went just like that," Terry said, snapping his fingers.

The Tabernacle Baptist Church leader felt that even Christians had lost the meaning of Christmas, and wanted to put Jesus on the hearts and minds of all who saw the signs.

"Christmas is no longer about Jesus Christ," he told The Leaf-Chronicle last month. "It's all about materialism. These yard signs are just one way we can help keep Christ in Christmas."

The pastor said the holidays have become more and more commercialised, and the materialism is a distraction to the true meaning of the season.

"It is a holiday, but first and foremost, it is a holy day," Terry insisted. "Christmas is not supposed to be about Black Friday and the success of America's retail stores.

"But, that is what Christmas is all about and has been for too long. The public is obsessed with buying that ideal gift for someone. That is deeply troubling to me."

The signs were paid for by donations, and were initially placed in front of businesses and churches across Tennessee. After his story spread, however, people in Georgia, Alabama, Illinois, and other states contacted him to receive signs.

Now, he is considering sign campaigns for the next Christian holiday.

"I'm still dreaming up ways now," Pastor Terry said. "What else can I do for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? I'm waiting for Easter. I'm waiting for Easter now."

Terry has received $13,000-$14,000 in donations towards his signs, and is relying on his faith to recoup the balance.

Donations can be sent to:

Hilldale Baptist Church Signs
2001 Madison Street
Clarksville, TN 37043