'Tekken 7' release date news: PS4, Xbox One version details may spilled during Tokyo Game Show 2015

Tekken 7Bandai Namco

It is still unknown when the Xbox One and the PS4 versions of "Tekken 7" will be rolled out but there is word that game director Katsuhiro Harada will finally reveal the release dates next month, during the highly-anticipated Tokyo Game Show 2015.

The event, scheduled Sept. 17 to 20, is reportedly being eyed by publisher Bandai Namco to make the announcement. It is worth noting that in last year's affair, character Catalina was officially added to the roster. This has fans hoping that big news about the much-awaited fighter is going to be dropped soon. 

There are reports, however, saying that Harada isn't ready to announce "Tekken 7" for the new-gen consoles because he is focused on developing new features for the game, including an online play for the arcade version, which will allegedly be in the works if there is enough demand. 

Bandai Namco is particularly quiet when it comes to the release of "Tekken 7" for the Xbox One and PS4, although the upcoming versions were already confirmed in a trailer the company showed off during the Game Developers Conference event months back. A PC version, unfortunately, isn't guaranteed. 

"Tekken 7" has only been released in Japan as an arcade game. Gamers in the U.S. were already given the chance to play it through select retailers earlier this month as part of an arcade test but a couple of Reddit users confirm that Round One outlets, both in Chicago and Seattle, still have a playable demo that would last throughout the weekend. 

Those who have yet to try out the game can go there today and tomorrow before it wraps up. After that, there is no known way gamers outside Japan will get to play it. For now, fans of the long-running franchise will have to wait for official word from Bandai Namco.

"Tekken 7" is the ninth installment in the fighting game series, which was released last Feb. 18.