'Teen Wolf' season 5 finale spoilers, plot news: Alliance created to defeat the Beast

As the death count continues to increase in Beacon Hills, Scott (Tyler Posey) and the pack are determined to run after the Beast in the final episode of "Teen Wolf" season 5.


In the previous episode, Mason (Khylin Rhambo) transformed into the dreaded Beast before Scott, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry), and Theo (Cody Christian) could rescue him from the Doctors. But when the Beast transformed back to his human form, he turned into Sebastien (Gilles Marini) instead of Mason.

But since Sebastien was the very first person who transformed into the evil Beast during the 18th century, he is much more powerful than Mason. This means that the pack has to do everything that they can to stop him from causing more deaths in Beacon Hills.

The synopsis for the "Teen Wolf" season 5 finale, titled "Apotheosis," reads:

"While Scott and the others work to stop the Beast before Beacon Hills is razed to the ground, loyalties are tested and alliances are forged."

The episode will also reveal the importance of the fresco art seen in the Doctors' operating room. In a promo trailer for the upcoming episode, the painting is once again in focus. This could mean that Parrish (Ryan Kelley) will be in an epic battle as a hellhound against the Beast.

The trailer also shows the possible danger that could happen to Malia (Shelley Hennig) since Braeden (Meagan Tandy) locked her up with the Desert Wolf (Marisol Nichols) in a house. Will the Desert Wolf spare her daughter's life, or will Malia die in the hands of her own mother?

Meanwhile, Lydia (Holland Roden) is seen with a big wound on her neck in another promo video for the episode.

The fifth season finale of "Teen Wolf" will air on Tuesday, March 8, on MTV.