'Teen Wolf' season 5 spoilers, latest update: New villains and challenges expected

Will "Teen Wolf" finally live up to its name and focus on the show's younger characters when it returns for season 5? Series executive producer Jeff Davis earlier told TVLine that the teenagers from Beacon Hills will be the main focus when the show returns in June. 

"It's very much about our teenagers becoming adults and heading into their senior year," Davis shared. "But as always, we bring in some new mysteries and new monsters. I think this season is very much about the line between science and supernatural."

Davis also teased that Tyler Posey's character Scott McCall will be challenged this season in a lot of ways. Posey himself said earlier through an interview with Hollywire that his character will be facing a lot of troubles not just as the young Alpha of the town but as a graduating high school student as well. 

"Scott has a mental breakdown at one point, which is great. I'm so excited for that," Posey stated. 

Davis, on the other hand, warned that Scott will be facing a lot of challenges this season, including keeping the faith of everyone around him. 

Meanwhile, a new vicious creature will be introduced in the first few episodes of season 5 of the MTV supernatural series. A monster called Slaugh is reportedly a creature that eats the souls of the innocent. He can also leave a portion of his soul inside the bodies of his victims. Slaugh will be portrayed by new cast member Michael Lynch. 

Aside from Lynch, "Pretty Little Liars" star Cody Christian will join the cast as Theo, a new senior student and a lone wolf who transferred to Beacon Hills to look for a pack. Victoria Morales will also enter the show as a possible love interest for Liam (Dylan Sprayberry).

"Teen Wolf" season 5 begins with a two-part premiere special beginning June 29.