'Teen Mom OG' news: Farrah Abraham talks about ongoing feud with Amber Portwood

Facebook/teenmomThe cast of "Teen Mom OG."

"Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham recently spoke about her drama with co-star Amber Portwood. She made her comments following the remarks of Portwood about ending the ongoing feud and rekindling their friendship.

Both of the stars talked about their brawl and relationship in separate interviews with E! News. Although Portwood already admitted that she wanted to reconcile with her co-star, Abraham described what exactly is keeping her from ending their feud. She explained, "I would want to bury the hatchet, too, but I'm never wrong."

The reality TV personality then responded to Portwood's remarks that she's crazy. She said, "She's the only one who is diagnosed with split personality disorder amongst other things, which is not a joke. It's very serious." It can be remembered that Portwood revealed in 2011 that she was diagnosed with bipolar and dissociative disorder.

Abraham pointed out that her focus now is on her daughter and not her feud with Portwood. Despite their differences, she still wished the best for her co-star. She's hoping that Portwood would take other people in her life more seriously so that she could be the happiest woman.

The MTV star went on to admit that she's happy Portwood is not dating Matt Baier anymore since she told her co-star years ago to ditch him. In a previous separate interview, Portwood explained why she and Abraham always clash — pointing out that her rival has a "very strong mind and strong opinions."

The 27-year-old mom stated that she and Abraham used to be friends, but things between them went wrong. This time around, Portwood said she's ready to let everything go. The feud ignited during the "Teen Mom OG" reunion last December when Portwood slammed Abraham in an attempt to defend her then fiancé, Baier.