TED-style talk event coming to Cardiff

Cardiff youth organisation, Ignite, is hosting what it's calling a 'Christian TED Talks' event in the city at the end of November.

Taking its cue from the globally popular TEDTalks, well known and local speakers will disperse their wisdom in pithy, short bursts.

It all kicks off on Friday evening 29 November when OM's George Verwer will be the keynote speaker. This pioneering event continues on Saturday when a procession of stellar names, including Guardian Woman of the Year Jasveer Singhara CBE and Rob Parsons will inspire their audience.

Through the medium of talk, music, film and theatre SPEAK will gather a group of well known national, international and local speakers to share their Christian wisdom and passion in short and snappy presentations.

Richard Taylor from Victory Church, worship leader Ben Cantelon, Going Public Theatre Company, Karin Cooke from Porn Scars, Sound of Wales, Dave Newton (YFC), Dai Hankey and others.

Ignite's Executive Director, Gary Smith, said: "Over the years Ignite has been fortunate to be involved in some amazing things in the city. SPEAK is something we are very excited about. We have asked some amazing communicators to share the one thing they want young people, students and young adults to know.

"Imagine a Christian TED talks and you will get the idea. Lots of ideas, short presentations and a challenge to be passionate radicals for Jesus who work to transform this generation. And not just speakers but worship, music, comedy, poetry, film and much much more.

"It takes a simple principle that when it comes to the Kingdom of God; everyone has to do something! Many events are looking for young people and youth leaders to make a decision but in reality there are many options, gift mixes, calling and ambitions that all impact on the decisions that people make. Speak acknowledges, embraces and welcomes this.

"Contributors will be allocated short periods of time, sharing the one thing they feel is the most important for you to hear. Maybe it's about justice, prayer, mission, but they're sharing what God has placed on their heart in hopes to inspire you to a generation of radicals passionate about doing something for Christ!"

SPEAK has been inspired by the award winning TEDTalks website http://www.ted.com/talks. Containing more than 1500 short video talks on technology, entertainment and design, it has been visited by over a billion people. One talk alone, How Schools Kill Creativity featuring Sir Ken Robinson has been viewed by more 20 million.

TED started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from the three worlds of Technology, Entertainment, Design.

SPEAK starts on Friday evening 29 November until Saturday 30 November and will take place at the All Nations Centre, Sachville Ave, Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF14 3NY.

Tickets are available for the whole event, or for Friday evening, Saturday all day or Saturday night only. For more information, see: www.igniteme.org/speak/index.php