Tebow CURE Hospital healing, renewing lives of Filipino kids with orthopaedic woes

Doctors at the Tebow CURE Hospital perform hip and knee surgery on a young patient in this photo collage from the hospital's website.(Tebow CURE Hospital/cure.org)

The Tebow CURE Hospital, which is founded by the Tim Tebow Foundation, opened its doors in the Philippines just last December, and just recently it welcomed its 100th patient for surgery.

The hospital provides paediatric orthopaedic surgical care, focusing on children with treatable conditions like clubfoot and spinal deformities.

"One hundred surgeries is a major accomplishment for TCH and a true testament to the faithfulness of our Lord. But, the number is not the focus, rather the 100 stories of healing and renewed lives behind each and every surgery," TCH shared on its website.

Its 100th patient for surgery is a four-year-old boy named Ithan who has never experienced walking since he was born with extremely short and tight tendons on his legs. This disability makes it impossible for him to stand flat-footed or to stand at all without any kind of support.

"Even at his young age, he knew that he was different from his friends and one-year-old brother," TCH said said. "His friends at preschool treat him well, but Ithan still tells his mom Janice, 'I want to walk, too.'"

Janice and her husband Owen tried very hard to find a solution to Ithan's disability, but to no avail. They were beginning to lose hope when they found the Tebow CURE Hospital, which immediately scheduled a surgery that would change Ithan's life for good.

"His tendons were lengthened and relocated, allowing Ithan's feet to lie flat. The surgery went smoothly, and after some post-surgery tears and lots of time camping out in Grandma Myrna's lap, Ithan's radiant smile returned!" TCH said.

After the surgery, Ithan underwent physical therapy, but doctors are confident that he will be walking by himself in no time.

The Tim Tebow Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to serve God through kids like Ithan, and it is hoping to change more children's lives in the Philippines.