Teacher raises funds for poor by growing plants

A Christian teacher is putting his passion for growing plants to extra good use by raising funds for impoverished communities.

Rob Wood, of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, has so far raised more than £3,000 by selling the plants he grows in his spare time.

He teaches design technology at a grammar school in Marlow and sells his plants and hanging baskets to colleagues at the school, as well as friends.

The money raised by the 59-year-old has been donated to Christian humanitarian organisation Rope and used to provide clean water in Cambodia and India.

Mr Wood said: "“Rope is helping people have access to clean water and as a gardener I appreciate why water is so important. It seemed the perfect thing to do to help others in need.
“It’s a fantastic way of supporting a Christian charity and the response has been great. I grow some of the plants in my own greenhouse and the others I buy and sell on for profit.”"

Rope Chief Executive Graham Fairbairn added: "“Because of the dedication and willingness of people like Rob throughout the country, we are able to help those in serious need. It’s incredible that such a basic idea can help others throughout the world."”