Taste of Israel comes to Scottish Highlands

The conference brought together Christians from across Scotland

Christians from across Scotland recently gathered in the Cairngorms National Park for a three-day conference looking at biblical perspectives of Israel.

The conference was organised by Yachad Scotland, a network of Scottish Christians and organisations seeking to understand and communicate the Bible's teaching on God's plans and purposes for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

Held at the Nethybridge Outdoor Centre, the conference also explored the history and culture of the nation and the Jewish people, with displays and exhibitions showing different aspects of Jewish life and customs.

The main speaker was Jewish messianic leader, Pastor Oder Amitai, who leads a Jewish congregation in Jerusalem and flew in from Israel for the weekend.

He delivered the four main teaching sessions based around the biblical need to focus on God, and through that His plans and purposes for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

"I am very thankful that you recognise God's plans for Israel, but that is not enough: we need to know God," he said. 

The conference opened with a Shabbat - Jewish Sabbath - meal and other cultural events included a Jewish dance session.

The displays included examples of Jewish clothing and an elaborate model of Herod's temple which stood in the time of Jesus.

A full-sized 'Succah' - or temporary dwelling - demonstrated what the Jews use each year to simulate their ancestors dwelling in the desert with Moses.

Conference delegates also had the opportunity to leave their prayer requests in the cracks of a model Western Wall. 

A Yachad spokesperson commented: "The conference was very well received, and the interest and feedback was most encouraging."

The Yachad organising committee are now following through on the requests and suggestions from the evaluation sheets with a view to events in 2014 and beyond.