“Taliban” Militia Attack Christians in Nigeria

Reports have emerged in Nigeria that so-called Taliban militia have attacked a Christian village in the Taraba State.

|TOP|The militia attacked Kumutu village with sophisticated weapons. Release International, a Christian organisation supporting persecuted Christians worldwide, reported the attacks included the burning of houses, and the killing of three villagers and the injuring 30 others. In addition, four others were badly wounded.

A long-running series of attacks have occurred against Christian towns and villages in Nigeria, which have seen Christians being driven from their homes in several northern states to pave the way for strict Islamic law.

In Borno state earlier this year more than 60 Christians were slaughtered, and 57 separate churches destroyed in vicious attacks.

The attacks came as reprisals against the publication of the Mohammed cartoons in Denmark, which were offensive to followers of Islam.

|AD|According to Release International’s contact in Nigeria, thousands of militant Muslims, styling themselves after the Taliban, have been gathering near Wukari in Taraba State. Taraba is in Eastern Nigeria on the border with Cameroon.

Members of the Fulani tribe have reportedly launched an armed attack on the Kumutu village, attacking villagers and burning their houses.

Three of the dead were members of the Christian Reformed Church. Several villagers were also seriously injured, and had to receive urgent hospital treatment.

The incident was apparently instigated following a dispute over cattle grazing, which may have been started deliberately to justify the attack, report Release International. It is now feared the militia may launch further attacks against other Christian villages in the area. The governor has been pleading for calm.

The Chief Executive of Release International, Andy Dipper has condemned the attacks and is calling on the Nigerian government to protect its citizens.

Dipper said, “Jesus said love your enemies. And that’s what Christians who have been attacked across Nigeria are sincerely trying to do – to love and forgive their neighbours who have turned against them.

He concluded, “We call on the Nigerian government to act swiftly to prevent further bloodshed and tensions between communities.”

[Source: Release International]