Taize – the Best Ever

It is one of the leading sites of Christian pilgrimage, with over 100,000 young people from all over the world making the journey to the small French village every year. Once there they study Scripture, pray, work communally and share regardless of denomination or background. And at the heart of any Taize experience is the act of singing; a way of worshipping God that is both ancient and unique in today’s society.

Taize has always been known for its worship, and its worship has always reflected its heart. With Protestant and Catholic brothers serving side by side, drawn from over thirty different nations, the sounds that have emerged from the regular daily services have been full of unity, simplicity and harmony. And now, with the release of The Best Taize Album… Ever, a new range of listeners can experience the strength and depth of that worship for themselves.

Spread across three cds, these fifty tracks are vintage Taize. Predominantly sung in English – although with a sprinkling of Latin – these simple songs resonate with a rich, powerful worship experience.

From the direct scripture of ‘My Peace’, ‘O Lord Hear My Prayer’ and ‘Magnificat’ to ancient liturgy like ‘Kyrie Eleison’, ‘Hosanna’ and ‘Jubilate Deo’, the content of these songs is always true, always good.

Some feel like hymns while others have echoes of ancient monastic chants, but again, each and every song is always true, always good.

Kingsway has always been focussed on the songs of substance that come from the church, and at a time when the church is expressing its worship of God in all manner of ways – from jaw-dropping shows to random acts of kindness – Taize is a timely reminder that allowing God space to speak and taking time to listen is always a key component.