Syrian Orthodox school hit in mortar attack

The Syrian Orthodox Church has condemned the violence in Aleppo after one of its schools was struck by a homemade mortar last Friday.

There were no children at the Bani Taghieb I School at the time as it was a holiday.

The Church said in a statement that missiles were falling “relentlessly and indiscriminately” over Aleppo.

"At this juncture it is rather difficult and frankly irrelevant to know the source of the mortar," the Church said.

“The missiles cause an untold toll of martyrdom, fatalities, injuries and great damages to utilities, infrastructure and antiquities."

The Church added that the fighting was disrupting children’s education.

“We believe it is high time that belligerent brothers should get together to discuss the need to bring about ceasefire, co-operate to re-establish security and bring back the life to our beloved city, so Aleppians can celebrate Eid and festivities in the usual joyful customary ways and usher the start of a new era of reform and justice,” it said.

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