Syrian Christians in need of blankets and heaters

Christian families displaced by ongoing fighting in Syria will be receiving aid this winter from Barnabas Fund(Photo: Barnabas Fund)

Barnabas Fund is providing heaters and blankets to Christian families suffering as a result of the conflict in Syria.

As winter sets in, around 1,500 heaters and over 3,700 blankets will be distributed among the most vulnerable families.

Many of the families have been forced to leave their homes as a result of the ongoing conflict.

In addition to winter provisions, Barnabas Fund is distributing food, baby milk and medicine.

The distributions are being overseen by a committee comprising Christians from Syria and Lebanon.

Recipients include those who have remained in Syria as well as families who have fled to Lebanon.

A Barnabas Fund partner in Syria said the situation for Christians in the country had "never been worse".

"Churches are still being attacked," the partner said.

"Christians are increasingly targeted by the armed extremists through kidnap or summary executions.

"The death toll of Christians has sharply risen, which poses legitimate concerns among Christians about the grim future awaiting them if extremists reach power."

Barnabas Fund remains concerned for the future of Christians in Syria as it warned that Islamist factions were increasing in strength within the anti-government forces.

In Aleppo, where Islamist groups have declared an Islamist state, churches have been deliberately destroyed and one church leader was murdered in October.

Last month, two workers at the Syrian Bible Society were kidnapped from Aleppo and held to ransom. Both were later released unharmed.

Barnabas international director Dr Patrick Sookhdeo said: "Winters in the Middle East can be extremely bitter, and the cold weather will compound the suffering of the Christian community in Syria.

"The small contribution of a blanket or heater makes a significant difference, not only relieving the physical discomfort of a Christian family, but also reminding them that their plight has not been forgotten by their brothers and sisters overseas."

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