'Supernatural' season 12 air date: Sam and Dean having a time out from hunting after mother's return?

Will Sam and Dean be done with hunting demons and monsters in "Supernatural" season 12?Liane Hentscher/The CW

"Supernatural" season 12 might not see Chuck (Rob Benedict) and Amara (Emily Swallow) for a while as they will be busy with their long-overdue family talk. However, God and Darkness won't be the only ones feeling familial in the new season.

In the final moments of the gripping season 11 finale, the Winchester matriarch was brought back to life by Amara as a gift for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for helping her.

The duo's beloved mother, Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith), was killed in the "Supernatural" pilot. Ever since, she has appeared in the series either as an illusion or in flashbacks.

In "Supernatural" season 12, however, she might be alive and well again. Amara appears to have restored her to life. She looked confused after being transported in the woods in her night gown.

It is the same white nightdress she was wearing when she was murdered by a demon named Azazel three decades ago, back when Sam and Dean were just kids. It was this tragedy that shaped their future.

It is unknown what this means for "Supernatural" season 12, but it will certainly be interesting to see how this affects the Winchester brothers, who were brought up by their father as hunters with Mary's death as motivation.

Now that Mary is back in "Supernatural" season 12, there might be a chance that the hunting days of the brothers will be over, although they did it so much already that they might be doing it now primarily out of passion rather than as an act of vengeance for their mother.

Of course, although Mary is alive, being able to breathe again after 30 years six feet under might come with complications. Either way, Sam and Dean might take this a chance to finally spend more time with their mom.

Apart from Mary, also making a return is Lady Antonia "Toni" Bevell (Elizabeth Blackmore), a member of the Men of Letters. Her re-emergence in the season 11 finale will be further explored in "Supernatural" season 12.

It is expected that Toni will be the big bad in the new season. She has already started her reign of terror by shooting Sam, whose fate is now uncertain.

"Supernatural" season 12 will premiere this fall in a new Thursday timeslot.