'Supernatural' season 10 episode 3: Regular Dean out, Demon Dean in, no more brotherly love in 'Soul Survivor'

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In the next episode of The CW's "Supernatural," ordinary guy Dean (Jensen Ackles) is out, Demon who-chases-after-his-beloved-brother Dean takes over. Whether the true Dean is still somewhere inside or completely gone, it is still unknown. But what is certain is that whatever level of evilness he exhibits in the episode, it's all because of the Mark of Cain.

Dean's wicked behavior does more than just complicate and jeopardize the Winchester brothers' relationship, which is already a bad thing. Dean is committed to getting rid of his brother, and he seems pretty serious about it, too.

In the previous episode, "Reichenbach," Cole (Travis Aaron Wade) seeks revenge against his dad's murderer, Dean. And it looked like Dean's brain was still not wired to wickedness then, until Cole threatened his brother.

"I'm doing all I can not to rip out your throat. And what I'm going to do to you, Sammy, well, that's not going to be mercy either," demon Dean warned his brother.

Evil Dean has just started as the new promo for the next episode "Soul Survivor" revealed that the two will get into a chase.

"You can blame yourself for me getting loose," a sinister Dean stated while looking for his brother. "I don't wanna leave 'til I find you. Let's finish this game."

Dean's craziness also poses a threat to Crowley's business in Hell. Clearly, he loves that business enough to seek help from an angel. And this is where dying Castiel's (Misha Collins) services come in. In the middle of their mission to get Dean back to his senses, the promo stills reveal a badly wounded Castiel. Crowley is seen tending the angel. Not that he cares about him. It's just that the business will be too much loss if Dean continues to go bonkers.

The thrilling and rather wicked episode was directed by none other than Dean actor himself, Jensen Ackles. It is not the first time the 37-year old Hollywood actor took on the directorial duties. He already practiced them on several episode in the past season of the series specifically: "Weekend at Bobby's," the fourth episode from season 6; "The Girl Next Door," the third episode from season 7; and "Heartache," the third episode from season 8.

The second episode of the tenth season of "Supernatural" entitled "Soul Survivor" will be aired on Tuesday, Oct. 21 on The CW.