'Supergirl' season 3 episode 14 release date, spoilers: Kara to face the wrath of Purity and Reign

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"Supergirl" season 3 has a lot on its plate following the events of the previous episode, as Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) is going to face not just one, but two powerful and unstoppable Worldkillers. In hopes that the other Worldkillers living on Earth can help defeat the show's present big bad, Reign (Odette Annable), Supergirl and her team attempted to capture Julia Freeman (Krys Marshall), who was then revealed as Purity. In episode 14, Kara is going to feel the brunt of both Purity and Reign as the two joined forces in conquering the planet.

"Supergirl" season 3 episode 14, titled "Schott Through the Heart," will see the Worldkiller duo threatening National City. Based on the latest spoilers, the episode will go deeper into the past of Reign as a Worldkiller, as well as her relationship with Purity as her sister. Together, they will not waste any time to accomplish their mission, which is to dominate Earth and build a new world on top of it. Also, the two are determined to find their fellow Worldkiller known as Pestilence, but there are still no clues regarding this villain's whereabouts.

To recap the previous episode, "Both Sides Now," Purity was able to escape from DEO and had sworn to destroy National City for capturing her. Supergirl tried to subdue the second Worldkiller but to no avail as the latter is proven to be a powerful enemy. Things have gotten worse when Purity decided to surrender herself to Reign, swearing that she will follow the lead of her sister from now on. With two Worldkillers united, it will be more difficult for Kara to stop them. 

Meanwhile, Mon-El (Chris Wood) finally revealed that he still loves Kara, even as he is already married to Imra (Amy Jackson). It appears that Mon-El only agreed to enter an arranged marriage with Imra so that he could stop a huge planetary war from happening. While he has learned to love Imra, Mon-El admitted that seeing Kara once again makes him question his actual feelings for his wife. This may stir some issues over the next few episodes of "Supergirl" season 3, especially since Imra has high respects for Kara, not knowing that the latter is her husband's true love.

"Supergirl" season 3 will enter a nine-week hiatus to give way for the continuation of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" season 3. Episode 14 will be aired on April 16, 8 p.m. EST, on The CW.