Suicide bombers attack bus stations in northeastern Nigeria

Over three million people have been displaced in Nigeria as a result of ongoing attacks by militant group Boko HaramReuters

Suicide bombers on Wednesday carried out attacks on bus stations in two towns in northeastern Nigeria, killing at least 27 people.

According to the BBC, the attacks took place in separate bus stations in the town of Potiskum and Kano.

The BBC reported that witnesses saw the suicide bomber trying to board a bus in Potiskum's Dan-Borno bus station before detonating his explosives. The blast completely destroyed the bus as well as damaged other vehicles nearby, the witnesses said. 17 people died in the incident and 30 were injured.

In a separate attack, two suicide bombers were disembarking from a vehicle in the Kano Line bus station when they detonated their explosives. 10 people were killed.

The two towns are 360 kilometers apart. Potiskum is the main commercial hub in Nigeria's state of Yobe, and has repeatedly been targeted by attacks attributed to Islamist radical group Boko Haram.

On Sunday, a child suicide bomber entered and detonated her explosives in a marketplace in Potiskum. The bombing killed five people, and injured dozens of people.

The Guardian reported that the child is thought to be around 7 years old.

"We sent her back four times, because given her age, she did not have anything to do in the market," local vigilante leader Buba Lawan said.  

"When we were screening people, she bent and tried to pass under the ropes, some distance from our view. That was when the explosives went off," he added.

Yesterday's attacks and Sunday's bombing are the third and second attacks by suicide bombers in Potiskum. On January 11, two suicide bombers also targeted the market and killed six people, while injuring 37 others.

Boko Haram has not yet released a statement claiming responsibility for the attacks, but President Goodluck Jonathan has blamed the militant group in a statement.