Stuart Townend releases new Isaiah-inspired worship album, The Paths of Grace [VIDEO]

Stuart Townend has released his ninth studio album, The Paths of Grace. 

Townend offers more insightful worship songs written in collaboration with old friends from the Christian music scene, like Ed Cash and Keith and Kristyn Getty.

Ed and Keith came together with Townend to pen the track "The Paths of Grace/Diary of an Agnostic", intended to lead the listener from a place of doubt to faith. 

"Good Shepherd of My Soul" is co-written with the Gettys and Fionan de Barra, and features Ruth Notman. 

Ruth also features on "The Lord's Prayer", again co-written with Keith.  

The first song to release to radio is the folk-driven "Promise of the Ages", penned by Stuart, Ed and Keith.

The cover art is a stunning work by artist Patrick Bremer entitled "Outward" to reflect the album's core themes. 

Townend - who gave the church beautiful songs like "In Christ Alone" and "How Deep the Father's Love" - explained his inspiration behind the album. 

"Isaiah 11 presents an amazing image of a world where the Messiah's rule of justice and reconciliation is established: predator and prey living together in harmony, with a little child leading them," he said.

"Although the fullness of that prophecy is yet to come, as Christ leads us along his paths of grace through the confusion and trials of life, we can enjoy a foretaste of this glorious kingdom of justice, innocence and reconciliation today. These themes come together beautifully for me in this album's cover illustration."

Others teaming up with Stuart on the album were Gary Sadler, who co-wrote "An Altar of Remembrance", and Sam Cox, who features on "Singing Hallelujah".

Listen to "Promise of the Ages" here:


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